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We manufacturer the following mold lines under license: Alberta’s, Duncan’s, Scioto’s, Doc Hollidays, Scioto Dolls, Starlite, Alberta Classics, Duncan Classics, Scioto Classics, TL Designs Classics, Clay Magic Classics & Dona’s Classics. We are the largest manufacturer of molds for the fired arts industry. We produce the finest quality molds using USG #1 grade pottery plaster. All the molds listed on the Starlite site are produced by us and are new.

Catalogs are available for Alberta’s, Duncan/Scioto, Duncan Classics & Scioto Classics.

Starlite Mold Company History

Starlite Molds Logo

Starlite Mold Company Logo

The Evans family purchased Starlite Mold Company in the year 2000. Over the next 13 years a number of mold brands have been added making us the largest manufacturer of pottery molds in the ceramic arts industry with almost 12.000 designs available.

Our goal is produce the finest quality slip cast molds available, using United States Gypsum #1 Pottery plaster. All molds listed on this site are new.

Starlite Mold Company Catalogs

The following mold catalogs are available to purchase. All prices are in U.S Currency. All catalogs include a printed price list. Prices DO NOT include postage.

Catalog Price
Alberta $8.50
Doc Holliday-Supplement $6.00
Dona/Madeinfire $9.50
Duncan/Scioto $9.50
Duncan Classics Catalog $8.50
Scioto Classics $9.50
Scioto Doll $5.00

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